Friday, March 25, 2011

Making The Cut

As Spring warms us with its presence, it seems like celebs are chopping their locks. Just a few days ago, model/ actress Brooklyn Decker tweeted a photo of her new shorter 'do (cut by celeb stylist Ted Gibson).

I'm a big fan of my long mane, so I won't be taking a scissor to my strands anytime soon. But kudos to those who can brave the change.

Are you one of the courageous ladies waiting for your pixie cut?

Here, a look at a few celeb chop off's... for inspiration, of course:

Scarlett Johansson (Cut by Oribe)

She's got the face to pull off both styles. I'm a fan of the volume and waves but the cropped cut landed her Sean Penn so, go figure.

Brooklyn Decker (Cut by Ted Gibson)

She looks a little too girl-next-door with the long locks. I think I'm liking this stylized shorter cut (and it's more of a lob (long bob) then anything ear-grazing). Although I'll need to see it done up with a full face to make an accurate assessment.

Kate Winslet (Cut by Orlando Piti)

Probably the most shocking chop, Kate went from long, golden locks, to a bleached pixie. O.M.Courageous! Loving the contrast of the bright blondish/white with the dark brows. Again, I'm on the fence in regards to the cut. May be a little too rock 'n roll for the momma. But hey, she's single and dating a model so there.

Which cut is your favorite?
Let us know by leaving a comment below!


Amanda said...

I don't care for the bleached look on Kate Winslet..... it IS bold though! I adore the lob on Brooklyn, frames her gorgeous face.

Cindy K said...

I thought long hair was "IN" this Spring. . . .they missed the memo?

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