Tuesday, March 22, 2011


If I had a dollar for every time I said I have found my new favorite mascara... I'd be a very rich girl. Well, ladies, I've done it again. Another find, another must-have. MAC Studio Fix Lash Mascara. And to think, it was just idly sitting in my drawer this entire time.

I recently did a clean out of all of my mascaras. It was time. They were getting old and clumpy and not applying properly which was frusterating the sh*t out of me. That's when I decided to look in my drawer of tricks (goodies) for a new mascara. And then I found it. MAC Studio Fix Lash.

With it's skinny plastic applicator, it gets the formula in those hard to reach places - like the inner corners of your eyes and directly on the lash line. With one application I have mega volume, clump-free and the perfect separation. The color is that dark black, almost like falsies. And it stays on all day without so much as rubbing or flecking off.

A word (or several...) from the company:

"Innovative, mousse-like formula gives superior definition, volume and lift by filling in sparse lashes for a dramatic effect. New moulded brush prevents clumping. Rich in pigments. Long-wearing polymers quickly coat from root to tip. Keeps lashes light, lifted, supple, and full. No clumping."

I've got to assume that this is a makeup artist favorite because the applicator really allows you to get into the lash line while the formula gives you that fake lash look. And it's SO easy to apply - how can you not go gaga over it? Perfect finish to a smokey eye. Or great to wear alone for a heavy lash effect with a bold red lip. LOVE IT!

So, if you're like me and on a constant quest for the best mascara, you must try this one! And let me know your thoughts!!! Do you adore as much as we do? 

PRICE TAG: $14.00 (I must say, very affordable for a high end mascara in these current times!)


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