Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Tips From Paula Scandone

Haute Look Beauty's Paula Scandone offers Beauty Banter 5 exclusive Spring tips on everything from self tanning at-home to how YOU can wear the ever-popular bright eyes...

Have a read and take notes... these are not to be missed!

1.       TREND: 70s hair

a.       “The seventies are back this season! Getting the look is easy – wrap two-inch sections of hair around a wide barreled curling iron from the ends to about three inches from the crown.  Don’t go all the way up – a more relaxed wave feels modern and fresh.  Spritzing damp hair with a texturizing product can help the waves hold longer. I also love the new tourmaline curling irons without a clamp – a little pricier, but the waves last all day.

Let the waves cool then just separate a little with your fingers – it shouldn’t feel too “done.”  Part to one side and secure with a pretty barrette – and you’re ready to disco all night long.”

2.       TREND: Bright eye makeup

a.       “Can real women wear the bright pinks, yellows and blue eye colors that were all over the runway? Of course – the trick is to keep things sheer.  Blending sheer color along the lash line can add a great pop of color without going over the top.  And be sure to skip the shimmer – brights look most chic in a matte color.”

3.       TREND: Spa-skin at home

a.       “Beautiful skin is the foundation for every beauty regime, but if a monthly facial isn’t in the cards (or the budget), there are so many great at-home options.  It’s definitely worth investing in a cleansing brush for makeup removal – it goes so much deeper than regular cleansing without damaging the skin.  For more impact, there are a number of over the counter AHA peels that can leave your skin brighter and dewier without the telltale redness.  And I’m a big believer in “fake it till you make it” – on those days where you need an extra pick me up, try a dab of an illuminating serum. You’ll have that air-brushed look in a flash.”

4.       TREND: False eyelashes

“False eyelashes have come a long way – there are so many great options that look so natural, chances are no one will even notice.   Lash strips can add volume and length to your own lash line – just make sure you trim the lash strip to your own eye length.  Otherwise, they’ll be harder to apply and look very artificial. Drugstore lashes can look just as good as the more expensive mink versions – just skip the rhinstones unless it’s Halloween.

Individual lashes will look more natural but can be a little trickier to apply – using tweezers will help place them where you want them.  You’ll be surprised how a few clusters at the outside corners of the eye can make a huge difference.
Be careful when you’re removing them – don’t just yank, or you might pull off some of your own lashes.  Instead, soak a cotton ball in eye makeup remover and press it against your lashes – the false ones will just slide right off after a few seconds.”

5.       TREND: Self tanning at home

“I grew up in Florida, but even I am a believer in SPF, every day of the year.  But I still love a gerGone are the days of the telltale orange legs of a home self-tanner!  There are so many great products for a healthy at-home glow, there’s no excuse for the skin-damaging tan anymore.  I’m a convert to the self-tanning towels that let you put an even sweep on the right amount of self-tanner over legs and arms.

Regular self-tanner can be too heavy for the face.  A lot of skincare lines have some great facial tanners, but I prefer just blending a little self-tanner into a dollop of my regular day moisturizer – it creates a healthy glow without a radical change.”


Gillion said...

My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII ( to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it

Gillion said...

nice blog!

Lifecell Skin Cream said...

Sounds great!!! I especially like the tips about Spa- Skin at home, they most handy when one gets to ready for a party in jiffy. Plus the other tips are also commendable, as makeup is very important aspect in women’s life. 

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