Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful Hair While You Sleep

Second day hair always looks better. Period.

Washing my hair is such an inconvenience - don't you agree? The drying time alone - styled or au naturel - is enough to drive you mad. I much prefer to spray in some dry shampoo and be done with it. Even a trip to the salon - two foreign hands doing the blowout - is boring and proves too much time and effort to me.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm a huge fan of just washing the bangs. This is really the only part of my hair that ever gets super greasy. And it takes no time at all to blow dry.

When I must wash my entire head (and yes, we all must wash our hair for hygienic purposes!), I do it at night, right before bed time. I find that it dries while I sleep so it's not a bother and I don't have to sit around and wait for it to dry. Also, for some reason, the natural movement of my head while sleeping makes my hair dry so much more volumized with a rather sexy messy wave... it looks ten times better than if it dries during the day while I'm out and about!

Here are a few more tricks from people in the know for beautiful hair while you sleep:

"Want perfect second-day bed head? Sleep in braided pig tales and wake up with that envious wavy, just-rolled-out-of-bed hair." -- Harley Viera Newton, dj, model, Dior beauty ambassador

“ Your old scrunchies have a hidden use: They can help you get big, bouncy waves. Right after blow-drying, while your hair is still warm, twirl the length around your finger, coil it into a bun, and secure with a soft, fabric-covered scrunchie. Once your hair is cool, take out the scrunchie and you’ll have full waves.” -- Andrea Lavinthal,  Online Beauty Editor
“To create texture and volume with a beautiful natural effect that is perfect for vacation, first shampoo and condition your hair, then, while damp, apply the appropriate styling product for your hair type, tie your hair in a loose knot on the top of your head and sleep on it. In the morning simply undo and you will have volume and a great texture in your hair.” --Hairstylist Thomas Dunkin for Sebastian Professional   

What are your nighttime sleeping beautiful hair tricks?




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