Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In a recent post I noted that I was mildly obsessed with Isabel Lucas as of late, and here's why: the Australian model and actress is both sexy and glamorous. She's got the Old Hollywood charm mixed with something a bit more contemporary. Whether, she's gallivanting around in haute couture or chilling in one of her hippy get-ups, she is equally beautiful, equally interesting, and equally herself. The clothes and makeup don't seem to matter, Isabel radiates an effortless, ethereal beauty that comes from within. She has that timeless thing that only true classic beauties are able to emanate. She's young, but I predict that she's on her way to beauty icon status...

Here are a few of my favorite images that inspire my summer beauty looks:

messy, beach hair, a smoky eye and pale lip - a signature summer night look.

love this picture - again, beachy waves, flawless skin and a few coats of mascara make the perfect summer day look

head pieces are very on-trend. this is a great example of dressing it up.

a well defined arch will take you far in life. eyes can really make the face.

isabel au naturel. darker hair, still kept long and messy, beach-chic. the middle part pays homage to her hippy-inspired style.

the perfect summer look. tanned skin, hair pulled back in a loose bun, very little makeup, rosy cheeks.


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