Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As far as redheads go, there are few I find sexier than Karen Elson.  Perhaps it's the hyper-vibrant fire engine red mane, or the sky blue eyes. Maybe it's her pale skin that contrasts so beautifully against the red of her hair (reminding me of a character out of Twilight) or those uncharacteristically thin and undefined eyebrows that give her an other-worldly facade. Whatever it is, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's not classic beauty yet I'm totally drawn to it.

Karen Elson most definitely has a face for makeup. The high cheek bones, wide set eyes and heavy lids (ideal for covering in shadow), full pout, flawless complexion.... it's all so theatrical, which makes her very fun to look at. And a great palette to paint. She goes from feminine to vixen with a few coats of lipstick and, like her redhead predecessors, Karen uses her hair like a fabulous accessory: it is the centerpiece of her style.

But, alas, it always comes back to the hair. Those unruly, ginger locks that really set her apart from the millions of other girls out in the world.

Here, some of my favorite beauty images of Karen Elson:


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