Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Hair Repair

I find that my scalp becomes excessively more oily yet my hair more dry during the summer season. I chalk this up to humidity and product build-up (scalp oiliness) mixed with sun and salt water (dry ends) - a deathly combination for your strands. So, every Sunday night, I like to do a little Rx on my hair and scalp.

I start with a Clarifying Shampoo - one that removes excess oil and product build-up. Pureology makes my current favorite as it is sulfate-free and does a fantastic job of removing all unwanted guck and grease due to the unbearable humidity.

Then to take care of the dryness that is destroying my ends, I like to do a hair mask immediately following the Clarifying Purify Shampoo. I think of it as a purging of all product build-up and then a replenishment of all lost moisture. I use Pureology's Hydra Cure Intense Moisture Hair Masque on my ends only and let it settle in for about ten minutes. This is the perfect time to shave my legs (the most lothesome of all beauty traditions!) or, perhaps, use a face mask. Then I rinse and let my hair air dry while I sleep, waking up to beautifully clean, refreshed and rehydrated hair.

The combination of a strong wash and hydration offers the perfect antidote to summer's offensive weather and the toll it takes on your lovely locks.

Keep them healthy with a little Sunday night hair repair. The rest of the week's going to be a killer. And Sunday night you'll have to do it all over again.

PRICE TAG: shampoo - $25.00 / mask - $34.95


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ADORE Pureology, it never fails!

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