Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 Dollar Face Mask!!!

In these trying economic times, it's nice to know that you can still pamper your skin without emptying your savings account!

The Korean cult company, The Face Shop, has recently begun selling their infamous face masks state-side... specifically at Walgreens!

What it is: A variety of masks (called mask "sheets") to combat a medley of skin concerns... it's one mask to a pack and the mask is literally an all-natural, vitamin or fruit pulp pre-soaked mask sheet.

You apply the sheet to a cleansed face, let it soak in for about twenty minutes, then discard the mask into the trash. Whatever liquid is left on your skin, you gently pat into your face with clean fingertips! It's that easy!

We LOVE these mask sheets! They're so fun - and funny looking! I wore one around my apartment while friends were over and they found a slight resemblance to Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs... Fava beans, anyone?

Mask Sheets Include (click HERE for a full list):

  • Vitamin A (to firm skin and reduce wrinkles)
  • Vitamin E (to protect skin against sun damage and fight oxidation)
  • Aloe Vera *Beauty Banter Fave* (to revitalize and soothe sensitive skin)
  • Pomegranate (to firm skin)
  • Grape (to invigorate exhausted skin)
  • Lemon *Beauty Banter Fave* (to improve skin tone)
  • Acerola (for clear skin)
  • Essential Collagen (to firm and hydrate)
  • Essential Pearl (to clarify and refine)

PRICE TAG: 2 Masks for $5.00


jkim said...

i LOVE these face masks, too! i first tried these during a visit to korea. i love how there's no mess to clean up afterward, no bits and pieces you have to get out of your hairline and whatnot. if you're feeling adventurous, you can also find masks from different companies at super markets and cosmetics shops in koreatown, although the face shop is a pretty well known and trusted brand in korea (you can liken it to the body shop).

Beauty Banter said...

Jkim -

I love that The Face Shop is like Korea's version of The Body Shop... that's exactly what I thought!

these masks are AMAZING!!!

Beauty Banter

jkim said...

definitely! they have free-standing shops all over the place, and they're VERY hard to resist!

lelaelena said...

love it, love the concept. I really wanna try these, does anyone know if they're available in Canada?

There's a drugstore beauty brand called freeman here which used to sell inidvidualized packets of masks for different concerns. I used to be OBSESSED with their clay mask when I was 14.

Check out my beauty blog:

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