Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Helping Hand...

Jackie O reportedly commisioned New York apothecary, Cambridge Chemists, to order 100 tubes of this British hand cream. After importing the cream for the American heiress, Cambride Chemists decided to carry the lotion and sell it (for a pricey $17.50 for 70ml) to the average folk. They are the only store in the United States (sans online vendors) to distribute the self-proclaimed "One and All" complete treatment for hand and nails(somebody correct me if I'm wrong here...). Innoxa Hand Cream is a unique product in that it isn't oily and greasy like most lotions, yet it still effectively moisturizes, protects and softens the skin (and it's said that it actually promotes nail growth!).
A word (or several...) from the company:
"One and all hand cream is a major advance in hand and nail treatment. It's unique moisturising ingredients and rich nourishing proteins strengthen nails, improve cuticles and soften hands. Not tested on animals and hypoallergenic."
So I've tested this product and here are my results:
The fragrance is non-obtrusive.
The cream definitely works to moisturize without leaving a greasy film behind.
With continued use, it did in fact improve the horrific state of my nails.
It's absolutely not neccesary to re-apply a gazillion times a day (like other hand creams).
Product Rating: 8 out of 10.
I suggest that you walk - make that run - to your nearest online vendor and purchase a tube. Your hands will thank you...


Anonymous said...

hi sarah we should forward this to the guys at the cambridge chemist love always Jenny C

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