Friday, September 01, 2006


I am definitely a fan of anything (and everything) that "plumps my pucker." And I've tried just about every gimmicky product on the market from DuWop's Lip Venom(which I love) to the outrageously over-priced, Lip Fusion XL (not sure I get all the hype for a $50.00 bottle of what exactly???). Well here's another one to try... it's colorful, smells good, and doesn't sting like a pack of bees. TheBalm's Plump Your Pucker Tinted Gloss even reduces the look of fine lines around the mouth area!
Here's a word (or several...) from the company:
Formulated with a special combination of folic acid, menthol and vitamin C, the product increases circulation to the lips and reduces the look of fine lines. But the lip building benefits have only just begun. . . What makes this product unique is an additional ingredient called maxi-lip, which works cumulatively over time to create lasting fullness. If worn consecutively for 30 days, you will see magnificent results!

Plump your Pucker Tinted Gloss is available in sixteen sexy shades with corresponding sassy scents that will add sexiness to even the shyest of lips.

My favorites:
Bing My Cherry (left) - a sheer, shimmering, hint of red color....
Spike My Punch (right)- a sheer berry/ fruit punch infusion.
Try one and
VOTE for your favorite plumper product!!!


Jill said...

Have you tried citylips?? I love it!!!

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