Saturday, October 14, 2006


(me posing in Cover Girl's Smoothwear Lip Tints Barely Berry, #210)
Anyone who has read this blog knows that I have a fondness for red. In an August post, I wrote a Weekly Must-Have citing Stila's POPPY convertable lip color as the "Bentley of all reds..."
Well now I stand corrected.
On a recent shoot that I did, a friend of mine turned me onto Cover Girl's Smoothwear Lip Tints, a new product by the Procter & Gamble team. I reluctantly tried the gloss over my Labello Cherry chap stick (another red-tinted lippy) and to my surprise, I actually loved the way that it made my lips look. It wasn't hooker red yet it gave my pucker the desired "volume" (plump) that so many red glosses cease to create. It also wasn't gooey or smelly and it didn't bleed into the cracks of my mouth (another MAJOR problem with reds...). So, kuddo's to Cover Girl and their new and improved line of lip tints. I'm a major fan!

Try Barely Berry, #210 (right). The perfect blend of gloss and color - a chic red worn alone or over your favorite lip stick.


Anonymous said...

I know the post was about the lip -- but your hair looks amazing in the photo!! How do you get the volume/texture?

Beauty Banter said...

Honestly, I get the volume from using a large velcro roller in the front of my hair... this makes it so that it doesn't dry so flat and bland. you can buy them at any beauty supply store!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 1st post - your hair looks awesome!!! That is the exact way I want my hair to look when I finish growing it out. Do you put the velcro roller on wet bangs & let them air-dry or how do you do it? Also - could you email that picture to me as I'd love to print it out to take to my beautician next time. Thanks so much!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS - my emial address is:

I forgot to include it so you could email that picture to me.

Thanks again!!!!

beautyh said...

Your lips look great! Nice contour they have.I guess they look good even if you're not wearing anything. The truth is, many of us don’t have great lips at all; but we can have great lipstick application.Do you use any lip balm? What do you use to protect your lips?

Beauty Banter said...

I am a religious user of Vaseline. Every night before bed and every morning after I brush my teeth. I believe that constant hydration is vital in maintaining beautiful skin.

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