Monday, December 18, 2006

Stocking Stuffers!!!

Brushing your teeth isn't exactly considered an exciting task... I mean, granted, a nice set of pearly whites can definitely help you with the boys. And it is said, that if you're apt to over-eating, brushing your teeth when you feel the hunger urge splurge, can actually rid you of the desire (i've tried it, and it really does work!)
But the actually act of brushing is pretty much a bore. Toothpaste is toothpaste... end of stroy.
Until now...
GoSmile has revolutionized the tooth brushing industry and with the Holiday season quickly approaching, GoSmile has yet again offered us a fabulously fun take on toothpaste! The GoSmile MINI Holiday Toothpaste Duo is the perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty whore! With two travel size toothpastes, one in ginger bread cookie (tingles with a cinnamon and nutmeg taste) and the other in pepperment candy (think of a candy cane with an extra shot of peppermint), not only will your teeth sparkle with delight, but your mouth will smile too!
Brushing your teeth doesn't ahve to be a chore!


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