Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Raquel Welch.... Beauty Icon?

(Raquel circa... a long time ago)
MAC Cosmetics seems to think so... and they're betting a limited edition color line that you will agree! The Raquel Welch Limited Edition Colour Collection is among the latest of a myriad of new Spring products from the make-up empire.
Although I'm not sure that I'd call present day Raquel a "beauty icon," the cases' tiger print motif is definitely "of the now," style wise. And the eye and lip colors are perfect for creating the sultry dark eye and the virgin pink lip. I'm really feeling the Raquel Welch lipglass (left) in Raquel - a slight peachy hue in the classic lipglass formula (shiny, shiny, shiny!) And the Sultress Eye Compact is an eyeshadow quad that boasts the requisite hunter green (Spring's hottest go-to color).

Raquel Now:


Anonymous said...

cool lip gloss gonna get it..xx jc

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