Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's all in the HEAD...

...Shower head, that is. Who knew that the type of shower head you use can actually change the texture and strength of your hair?!
The Waterpik Original Shower Massage Shower Head available at Bed, Bath and Beyond makes washing your hair not just a chore, but an experience.
Hair-crazed Jenny has been in LA for the past week and she refuses to wash her hair in the shower of the house that she is staying.
Because the shower head trickles water. And, according to Jenny, trickling water doesn't clean the hair thus adding to the build-up of excess product and impurities.
So where does Jenny shower? My house! Because, yes, I have the shower head.... I too adore the deep cleaning, aggressive pressure of the fabulous shower head. And I too have million dollar lockes that crave special attention!
Jenny also claims that on her recent (daily) trip to Frederick Fekkai, her hair stylist gushed over the softness and healthy state of her lovely lockes!
A word (or several...) from the company:
"Now stepping into your shower can feel like a visit to the masseuse. Wall-mounted shower head has eight relaxing spray and massage settings including a pause option, a steady pulsating spray, a powerful turbo massage, a pulsating spray massage, a soft spray and combination spray."

So try it and decide for yourself... does the head really make a difference?


Anonymous said...

omg sarah I love u so much!!! I cant believe you just wrote all this and shared with the world about my cleansing rituals out in la. you are so funny!! im gonna miss that shower al lot< may have to move back to la and sublet your apt for that showerhead. everything you said is 100% true. Notice how amazing the hair looked at madeo last night>>back in nyc waa...scared to shower!!..ponchos gonna have to deal now ha!..miss u ..love..xx...xxxmunchie!..ps you forgot to mention i owed u a new shower mat!!!!!

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