Monday, February 26, 2007


A male friend of mine that would like to remain anonymous told me of his recent eye cream experience that would leave even hair-crazed Jenny in awe.
We'll call him, BOB...
So Bob walked into the Kiehl's store on Robertson to scope out some new face products when the overzelous sales associate basically forced the eye cream upon him. The abyssine eye cream was perfect for his complection, she raved... (hmmm, was the SA trying to tell my youthfull friend that he looked (gasp!) weathered around the eyes? Afterall, the Abyssine line is Kiehl's anti-aging line). Anyway, Bob caved under pressure and bought the cream.
For the next week, he applied it every night before bed. Strangely, for that entire week he also had nightmares. Graphic, gorey, bloddy nightmares.
Could it be the cream?
Bob decided to take a night off with the eye cream and, to his astonishment, he slept the entire night sans nightmares.
Okay, maybe just a coincidence.
So Bob used the cream again and again his sleep was bombarded with nightmarish visions.
The following night, no cream... peacefull slumber.
Wait.... this is too weird.
So Bob decided to give it ONE LAST shot... and he used the eye cream. And, again, a bloody nightmare!
Low and behold, Bob immediately stopped using the abyssine eye cream and his sleep has returned to sweet dreams (and wet ones!)

What do YOU think....? Is it the cream, specifically Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream? Or is it a crazy coincidence?

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Anonymous said...

ROFL. I have to say, that is SO incredibly awesome. :D

I sometimes enjoy nightmares, so I need to pick this up. (They're fun, since I enjoy scary movies too.)

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