Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good-Bye to Undereye Circles

Anyone who reads this blog, knows my obsession with eye cream. My biggest fear (besides growing up to be a spinster or finding that I'm infertile) is waking up one moring with wrinkles around my eyes. Thus, I have been using eye cream since I was about 13 - long before the first wrinkle ever appeared.
My father is from Casablanca, so I have naturally "tanned" skin, but with that tan comes dark circles around the eyes. I can sleep 12 hours a night (and believe me, sometimes I do!) and still wake up with a little black and blue under my eye.
So you can imagine my excitement when I received
Avon ANEW ALTERNATIVE Intensive Eye Cream.
The promotional edge is that "undereye circles start to fade in 7 days." I mean, from my lips to God's ears. This was heaven sent!
So I tried the miracle cream for seven days. And I must say, although I still have a hint of black and blue, it is severely less then before. The cream also moisturizes nicely without being greasey and I still use it in the mornings because it sort of makes my eyes "pop." Like I just had a mini eye lift.
The entire line is pretty awesome. At least they promise pretty awesome results. But hey, it's affordable and worth a try! Afterall, this is far from the Avon of our parents generation!!!


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