Monday, May 21, 2007

A Facial a Day...

I finally used my Kate Sommerville Free Facial Card! The facial was incredible - if you live in, or around, the West Hollywood area, I urge you to try a facial immediately! I did the Purify Facial, a 35-45 minute treatment to clean the skin and rid it of impurities.

Here is my new cleansing regimine (given to me by my Kate Sommerville Skin Expert):

CLEANS: Purify Exfoliating Cleanser day and night
EXFOLIATE: Kate in a Jar 2 times a week for 30 seconds
MASK: Clearing Mask 1 time per week and as spot treatment when necessary
MOISTURIZE: Goat Milk Cream day and night
SUN CARE: Protect SPF 30 day

VITAMINS: (taken internally) Healthy Skin Formula - as directed

My two favorite products that were used on my skin were, Kate in a Jar and the Goat Milk Cream.

Kate in a Jar is like a mini facial in a bottle. Even if you don't live in Los Angeles, with this product you can have a bit of the Kate Sommerville experience. It left my skin completely restored and radiant (even despite the blotchy redness from extractions)! I felt like a new me... with new skin to boot! PRICE: $85.00 (and worth every penny!)

The Goat Milk Cream is a daily moisturizer packed with milk proteins, vitamins and amino acids. Goat milk helps to heal and nurture the skin while the amino acids soothe and condition. I have very sensitive, blotchy and oily skin. Some skin practitioners will tell you not to use a moisturizer but I disagree. Even with oily and acne prone skin, it is imperative that you condition the skin as to allow normal secreation of oil. If you dry out your face too much, the oil glands try and compensate thus creating more oil. This is why the break-out cycle continues. The Goat Milk Cream added the perfect amount of hydration to my face without looking shiny or feeling oily. I left the facial feeling renewed, despite the 35 minutes of prodding with my skin! I literally glowed! PRICE: $55.00

Check out the entire Kate Sommerville line byCLICKING HERE and discover the secret that has celebrities like Bo Derek, Kate Walsh and Kirsten Dunst glowing (literally)!

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Toya said...

I want to try the Kate in a Jar, but I cringe at the price. Reading your ringing endorsement makes me think that it *might* be worth the money - maybe I'll be able to talk myself into it.

junassara said...

just wanted to let everyone know that you can get samples of Kate Somerville then you can try them out first. Yeah!!!

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