Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wanna SWAP Make-Up?!?

If you already know of this website, then forgive me as I have just discovered it...

MAKEUPALLEY.COM is a beauty whore's virtual heaven. It's a place filled with make-up enthusiasts (a.k.a. fellow beauty whores), product ratings and reviews, a diary and wishlist AND a product swaping system... wait.... what?!
Swaping Beauty Products???


So, here's how it works... similar to ebay, you post a product that you have tried and don't like or just don't want and you wait to see if someone else on planet earth happens to wanna "swap" products with you. If so, you send eachother the products. If not, well, try ebay.

This is a great idea in theory although I would never want to own a stranger's once used Mac Lipslick or Urban Decay eye shadow palette. However, if you're braver (and less of a germaphobe) then I, take a look at the swapping section of the site! Hey, your ten dollars can really take you far these days....


Angel Lust PR said...

Loves it doll face!!!

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