Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hair DO'S!

I am so proud of my dear friend, actress Kelly Kruger (starring in my upcoming short film too), for making the German InStyle hair DO list... along side Fergie and Hallie Berry... not bad company... and Kelly's pic (upper far left) is the biggest!!!

(click on image to make even bigger)

Just an FYI on summer hair - young, girly updo's rock - all the mags agree... a loose pony tail or this bang swept, half-up is key for mixing up the sultry summer waves (in your hair... not in your bed!)

Isn't she purrrrrrty?!


Toya said...

Where do I know her from? I'm sure I've seen her in something.

Angel Lust PR said...

young starlet on the rise...

Maryanne said...

How exactly can style my hair like that? I can't figure out what kind of clip to use to hold the hair back. When I do try, it never stays in place. Anyone with hair tips?

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