Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yet Another Facial...

After a long, hectic and sweaty shoot, my skin was begging for a deep cleanse. I opted for a facial at the highly recommended West Hollywood, The Face Place.
Celebs like Tom Cruise (insert Katie Holmes joke here), Michelle Pfeiffer and Renee Russo frequent the same place for the standard hour-and-fifteen-minute facial.

So what's so fab about the facial?

They actually do things to my skin that I can't do from home! Like the yucca-root soaked cotton strips that are placed all around my face (like a mummy) then topped with an archaic looking mask (a hole only in the center to breathe from) that is meant to serve as a sauna - bringing toxins and impurities to the surface.

Why not just use steam? Well, did you know that steam actually takes out the skin's natural oils? It's true! Thus, the sauna effect is more gentle to the face.

Then the facial expert (mine happened to be the lovely Marianne), does some extractions before soaking the face in a vitamin and anti-oxidant facial brew. Again, a mask is placed ontop... only, this time, the mask (very Hannibal Lecter looking) turns on and a wave of electric currents penetrate the skin.

It's genius.

A word (or several...) from the company:

"Our clinical approach combines skilled extraction techniques and galvanic current to deliver improved skin tone, firmness, fewer lines and a clearer complexion. It is the original and most effective anti-aging treatment offered today. The galvanic current allows a powerful anti-aging solution to penetrate the skin providing optimum stimulation and regeneration of the facial tissues."

This isn't a feel good facial with a neck massage and a caviar face mask. This is the real deal - the differance between a Pinto and a Bentley!

If you want to give your skin a great gift, give it a facial from The Face Place.

P.S. A great tip - keep your skin hydrated after a facial... not moisturized. Hydration is completely different. It's lighter and non-oily. I use The Face Place
Collagen Elastin Treatment. It's delicious!



Angel Lust PR said...

please let me know if there is a good place in NYC to do the same!!! I want a deep cleanse not face massage.

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