Thursday, August 30, 2007

Celeb News and Reviews

***Kate Moss launches KATE fragrance... As for her newly resurrected relationship with coco face, Pete Doherty, well, we are appalled (and actually may not even buy the perfume just so that we do not put drug money into her already over-abundant pocket!)

***Lancome Cosmetics has teamed with Rag & Bone designers to create the Carbon Free T-shirts that retail for a whopping $50.00! All proceeds will go to Parisian super store, Colette, will sell the limited edition tee's. Lancome spokes-chick, Shalom Harlow (you remember the 90's supermodel) models. (Girl on the far right of the pic is Isabella Rossellini's daughter... she's cute! We likey...)

***Hero's star, Ali Larter has decided to go "real" for the Emmy's (in conjunction with Dove Hair Care that will follow her journey). In other words, Dove Hair Care is giving her a shitload of money to pretend to do her own hair so that real people will look at her and be like, she's so pretty... I want hair like that too." Then go out and buy the Dove products! (I've tried them--- they're good and affordable but it's not like they make your hair curl when it's straight...)

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ashlee said...

kate moss has become such an embarrassment. i agree, lets not fund her drug habits!! clean up or boycott!

Angel Lust PR said...

ugh Kate Moss perfume. I love you Kate but the thought of you having a perfume makes me think of cocaine and crack and residual P Doherty.... Now Way in hell.

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