Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Greeks make me feel like a Goddess

One of my favorite beauty products is a little thing called lotion... I just love it!
I slather my hands, elbows, feet and knees at least 10 times a day. And I love thick, souffle-type lotions that have a subtle yet fresh aroma. I'm into vanillas, coconuts, avocados (although I'm not quite sure how an avocado is really supposed to smell - it seems like a pretty odorless fruit!), anything that isn't too perfumed.

My current fave is Korres's Body Butters! They come in four delightful scents - Fig, Guava (my favorite), yogurt and quince - and a splendid pump (I just love products in pumps!) It's not light like most lotions, this moisturizer is heavy duty - it's like a butter but one that pumps easily...

Loving it!


karen, said...

I'm looking for a new moisturizer and I love body butters but I can't stand how some take forever to rub into the skin. Does Korres sink in easily, or do you have to work at it? Thanks in advance =)

Anonymous said...

I'm like you - I loooove vanille and coconut scents, and if they are combined with a nice fruity scent, all the better.
There's just something about vanilla and coconut smells.

Love this blog - keep it up! - H

Beauty Banter said...

It doesn't absorb automatically, it does take some rubbing into the skin... however, if you apply while still wet, this helps your skin to absorb the moisturizer quickly and efficiently!
I think that the Korres is well worth the extra couple of seconds of rub-a-dub-dub!!!

Anonymous said...

All the Korres products are amazing. I suggest the hair detangler they sell as well. It really works for a day at the pool or beach.

xoxo Korres

ashlee said...

omg! yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna buy tomorrow!


Skin Care Beauty Zone said...

Lovely blog,i love it...thanks for sharing information abt "Korres's Body Butters".i think i must try it .
keep up the work.

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