Sunday, September 16, 2007


At Beauty Banter, we watch the award shows... but just to see who gives best face! A common theme at this years Emmys: Red lips and teased hair!

Here's our take on the winners (and losers...) of the 2007 Emmy Awards.

Ali Larter
Hmmm... cute, California, free-spirit. Not my fave though. Is it me or does she look old?

America Ferrara
With a character name like, Ugly Betty anything is an upgrade. Dark eyes with light lips is a winning look!

Ellen Pompeo
I love Ellen but that hair... what was she thinking? It looks like she just stuck her finger into an electrical socket!!!

Eva Longoria
Cute. Eva looks good with short hair. But, damn, lay off the eye make-up, doll!

Hayden Panettiere
How nice it must be to be 18! I like that Hayden looks her age - she's not trying to look older... good for you, girl! You're fulfilling every old, perverted man's wildest fantasy!

Jaime Pressly
She doesn't do it for me. I want to like the look, but I just don't. Jaime should try some sexy curls, hair down, red lips, light eyes. This updo is just... wrong.

Katherine Heigl
Girl is looking goooood! She's mastered classic - beautiful dress, great hair, gorgeous red lips! Loves it!

Kate Walsh
Eh... I'm having a love/ hate moment... not quite sure if I'm feeling the hair - and the lippy is a lil too burgandy (it matches her dress!).

Mary-Louise Parker
Hot mama! I love the sexy, free-flowing hair. I dig how the eye make-up highlights her intense eyes.

Rachel Griffiths
Rachel's got a very angular face, but I think she's done a good job accentuating her features.

Rebecca Romijn
Dare we say, transvestite Barbie? Rebecca is a natural hottie - why all the make-up? And why, oh why pastels?!?!? Ewwwwww. Hating the lips, and the hair, and the eyes. She looks like a the villain of a children's book!

Sandra Oh
More of the teased hair bit. I'm liking the minimal make-up but I'm not "wowed" by hotness. It's just "alright."

What are your thoughts? Beauty winners and losers? Share by leaving a comment in the comment box below!


mara said...

katherine heigl looks the best. she's gorgeous!

Nettie said...

I think America Ferrera looks the best. Followed closely by Hayden and Katherine.

luvdalia said...

My favorite was Katherine Heigl. Her dress and make-up look beautiful!

Rachel said...

i think kate walsh looks beautiful! yeah the hair's a little quirky but hey, a girl's gotta experiment. :)

Dani said...

Katherine Heigl is old Hollywood glamour. She always does it right!

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