Monday, December 10, 2007

Jurlique + Whole Foods = Happy Face!

Just discovered that they sell one of my absolute favorite skin care lines, Jurlique, at my local Whole Foods (YAY)! Also noticed that they gave their packaging a face lift... and I'm actually liking it! Before, it used to be very basic - white bottles and tubes with blue writing. Now, it's a little more girly - still basic, but prettier.

Jurlique is known for using all-natural ingredients like plants, flowers and herbs to create the most gentle and nourishing products on the market! I call it, high-end organic (Michelle Pfeiffer is a fan and she's got damn good skin)!

Their Calendula Cream ($32.00) is an oldy but goody (I wrote about it ages ago as a weekly must-have)! Sooooo soothing and it smells au natural! Calendula is used to soothe irritated skin.... it's also great as a moisturizer for sensitive skin (like me!) as it is non-greasy yet extremely hydrating. Every beauty whore should have some calendula cream in her cosmetic's drawer (or closet)!

If Jurlique's Calendula Cream is a little too pricey, try Weleda Calendula Baby Cream (meant for babies but great for adults with sensitive skin). Also available at whole foods. I ADORE this product... I'm actually using it right now as I've run out of my Jurlique and wanted to save some cash. Again, it's non-greasy and incredibly soothing! (And it's only $9.00!)

I'm also slightly obsessed with the Jurlique Daily Exfoliation Cream ($25.00). It's a non-granular exfoliating cream, rich in oats, almonds and honey to loosen and lift away dead skin cells. Again, it's very gentle and soothing.

I want to try every single product in the line, but some of it is out of my price range so I guess I'll have to add it to my never ending beauty wish list!


alex in wonderLAnd said...

I am a Weleda Calendula Baby Junkie! While I also adore they're "grown up" products, that creme is a must-have year round. Sarah, you've let the secret out of the bag :)

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