Monday, December 10, 2007

Spice Up Your Life...

Spice Girls Reunion Concert Re-Cap:


Granted, they're not the greatest singers, or even the best dancers, but they sure look fabulous on stage! And they completely brought down the house! I've never seen the Staples Center so abuzz (although I haven't been to a Justin Timberlake concert yet, either)!
(picture on left - Reunion Tour 2007)

Posh looked TO DIE (as usual). She's seriously got the tiniest waist that I have ever seen. And her signature short hair is back to brown... bye bye, blondie!
Scary's body is out of this world. Dancing With The Stars did wonders for her abs (at one point, she was wearing pants and a midriff baring top and she had an 8 pack!!!). Not to mention, she's a new mommy (take that Eddie Murphy!) and is that toned (we should all be so lucky)!
Ginger Spice has a hot body too! Skinny, skinny legs and a flat stomach. I kept thinking to myself, this chick is so hot (yet I don't remember her from past Spice Girls fame).
Baby Spice is totally cute. She has gorgeous, flowing blonde curls and the most adorable face ever - with massive blue eyes!
And Sporty, well, Sporty hasn't changed much. Out of all the Spice Girls, I find her to be the most unforgettable. So not feeling that pony tail!

Seriously, I can't believe these "girls" can still rock it at... how old are they? I came home and immediately started doing sit-ups!

Oh, and the high light of my night... SEEING DAVID BECKHAM IN THE FLESH! He struck gold in the genetic pool - hot, talented and super wealthy! I would totally date him!

(For your viewing pleasure...)

Who is YOUR favorite Spice Girl?


Ashlee said...


Anonymous said...

Becks is SO F-ING HOT!

He's worth going to a Spice Girls concert.

Grayburn said...

Um..Posh always scared me a little but I still love watching her for some reason? It has to be SCARY all the way!

Allie said...

See, I always loved Ginger Spice the most.., I even bought Geri Halliwell's first solo CD (remember "Look at Me?") because I loved her image. Trashy glam - Union Jack bustier was awesome in the 90's! :P

Angel Lust PR said...


Anonymous said...

I am really disturbed by how anorexic Ginger Spice became -- I expected it from Posh, but Ginger was supposed to be the womanly, sexy one!

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