Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Celebs the New Super Models???

Amongst the fashion week mayhem (read the latest, up-to-date beauty news via the Beauty Blog Network by clicking HERE), I've decided to recap the latest celebrity/ beauty campaigns.

Feel free to add one if I've missed it (in the comment box below).

  • Drew Barrymore for Cover Girl
  • Jessica Alba for Revlon
  • Sheryl Crow for Revlon
  • Anne Hathaway for Lancome
  • Juliette Binoche for Lancome
  • Nicole Kidman for Chanel Perfume
  • Diane Lane for Neutrogena
  • Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein Fragrance
  • Amanda Bynes for Vaseline
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar for Vaseline

It seems that only cosmetic giant, Maybelline, is still using super models!



Ashley said...

those poor models. with actresses and singers taking all of the major campaigns, what will be left of the model? Catalogue work?

Karen said...

Eva Longoria and Diane Keaton for Loreal too

Beauty Banter said...

thanks Karen, that's right!

Penelope Cruz does L'oreal as well!!!


Beauty Banter

Specialkalle said...

Jennifer Garner for Neutrogena, Reese Witherspoon for Avon blah. i wish they would go back to supermodels.

Beauty Banter said...

thanks specialkalle... again, you're right!
Do you think this is death of the supermodels? Celebs are now gracing the covers of every fashion mag AND even snatching those highly coveted fashion campaigns (i.e. scarjo for louis vuitton, etc.)


Beauty Banter

Nico said...

I say BRING BACK THE MODELS! I'm tired of seeing this. The whole reason we have models is to use them for many genres and one being print. Don't take that away from them. Shame on these advertising and beauty companies.

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