Wednesday, February 13, 2008

St. Valentine... Day 3

A juicy, pink lip is a necessity, especially for the big V day. Yesterday, as I was walking down Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles (looking for my Valentine dress, to no avail), I passed the Kiehl's store, and of course, I had to venture inside.

The chalkboard sign outside read: "Kiss Me With Kiehl's." And I thought to myself, what a great tag line!

Well, it looks like Kiehl's is offering a fabulous trio of yummy lippies exclusively for Valentine's day.

And, as a gesture to all you lovers out there, Kiehl's is introducing two new shades for the holiday.
French Rose, a subtle, sheer pink hue, and Downtown Peach, a bolder yet equally sheer golden-pink color .

The Kiss Me With Kiehl's Lip Gloss Trio comes in a plastic travel case... colors include French Rose, Downtown Peach and any other favorite that you may have (I've always gone gaga for the Berry 1851, a sheer hint of red that's both feminine and provocative). There are 8 other colors to choose from.

This Valentine's Day, shine that pucker and put it to the kissing test!

PRICE TAG: $43.50 for the trio


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