Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm completely obsessed with Jurlique products. They're soothing, all-natural, and non-abrasive. They don't irritate my sensitive skin and I always walk away from the mirror with a slight glow to my sometimes dull complexion.

I was equally as enamored (okay, fine, I was OBSESSED) when I tried Jurlique's Citrus Skin Finishing Powder (previously called "Silk Dust"). It's meant to rebalance the oils in your skin (God knows my oils could use some heavy-duty rebalancing!) - to be used on a freshly-cleansed face prior to make-up. In a way, it's kind of like a primer - evening out the skin-tone and absorbing excess oils to reduce shine and give the impression of a flawless face.

I liked all of those great perks of the product. But what I enjoyed even more was the clean and natural smell - like lemon - and the lucidness of the powder - it completely absorbs into the skin creating a natural matte complexion! I sweep a dollop over my skin - alone or under make-up - with a large powder brush.... and I have yet to be disappointed by the results!

This is a MUST-HAVE PRODUCT for people who suffer from oily skin (like moi)!

Jurlique offers two other face powders (although I haven't tried either) - Lavender to rebalance dryness and Rose to maintain balance.
PRICE TAGE: $36.00 (lasts for ages)


alex in wonderLAnd said...

i was a hauschka devotee and then i added weleda. then i found jurlique foaming face wash and realized i could be so happy, pampered and stay organic. this looks fabulous! curious is it's cakey b.c. it's a powder???

Beauty Banter said...

not cakey at all.... fine grained.... loose milled powder...AMAZING!

Beauty Banter

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