Monday, February 18, 2008


MAC's new Fafi Collection is turning make-up addicts worldwide into giddy, colorful and bold fafinettes!

I've finally had an opportunity to test a good portion of the products and I'm happy to say that I've found my new Spring blush! (insert golf claps here)

Fafi's powder blush in HIPNESS is just that, hip! Don't be fooled by the bright, almost neon color in the case. It actually blends into the skin as a gorgeous apricot hue.

For all of those devout lovers of Laura Mercier's Apricot Face Tint (read our raving review HERE), you MUST try Hipness asap. It won't disappoint. And if you have yet to use an apricot hue on your cheeks, stop procrastinating and start blushing! It's a pretty universal color that looks great on all skin tones!


reggysy said...

I've never used blush... because well, I'm still learning with makeup. I use benefit's moonbeam (asian skin) and some bronzer in strategic places to create definition but you've given me yet another excuse to buy more M.A.C. I'm gonna have to try it! Thanks!!

Thanks too, for letting me advertise on your blog :D

Court said...

I've never been a wearer of anything apricot...but I do like this blush a lot! It seems like it would be a good shade for a wide variety of skin types. Am loving this collection!

Beauty Banter said...

this is a VERY universal shade... everyone should have an apricot hue in their make-up collection!!!

Beauty Banter

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