Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bath Time Is ME Time!

I adore a great bath! After a long day with my head buried in my computer screen, a nice, relaxing soak, a scrub, maybe some body oil, and a velvety lotion are my dreams come true!

I use different products for different seasons. For instance, Kiehl's Coriander body cleanser and lotion are my winter favorites. Something very nostalgic about the scent... it reminds me of junior high - early mornings and long days.

For Spring I wanted something fresh and tropical. Something... in full bloom. I went on a scavenger hunt through my containers of miscellaneous products and I finally found what I was looking for: ME! Not actually me, ME! Bath.... divine!

The shower sherbet is a gigantic tub (it looks like a container of ice-cream) of lovely sugar scrub that foams! It's not a harsh scrub, so it's perfect for everyday use. They have 16 delicious flavors but my favorite is Summer Rain. It's a gooey green concoction with a fresh and breezy scent.

And then there's the body icing... pure, moisturizing bliss. A combination of shea and cocoa butters, this lotion is like a souffle for the skin. It's ultra soothing and hydrating. It comes in 14 flavors, each of them good enough to eat! I really love the Papaya Nectar - it's tropical yet fruity.

The company also makes what they call, "bath ice creams," which are balls in the shape of a hardened scoop of ice-cream. The "ice creams" fizz and melt when put them in water releasing minerals, Epson Salts, and a unique six blend of oils and fragrances (very much like the infamous Fresh Bath Bombs). With over 30 scents, it's hard to choose a favorite although I'm really feeling the California Dreaming - a citrus and floral blend.

Whether you're a musky person or a fruity one, you'll find your Spring flavor in these incredible body products made exclusively for.... ME!


Anonymous said...

We use the ME Bath products at my spa and I love them!! The Pomegranate scrub is delicious as well and I love that it has jojoba beads in it for a gentle exfoliation and easy wash off!

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