Monday, June 16, 2008

Brows Made Simple

For those not in the know, Anastasia Soare is the must-see brow specialist to the stars. Her resume reads like that of a Hollywood Blockbuster, plucking the famous brows for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Cattrall, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Stone, and, of course, hair-crazed Jenny Cohen ... to name a very, very few.

Anastasia opened a brow salon in Beverly Hills and developed her own line of brow products (sold at Sephora) so that everyone - not just the famous people - could access amazingly arched brows!

I recently tried her 5 piece brow kit and I've got to say... it's legit! Amazingly simple and convenient, everything you need for perfect brows tucked neatly into a pink travel case. It really doesn't get more basic then this!

Here's what you get:
Tweezers (custom slanted tip)
Brow Powder
Four Brow Stencils (to suit any and every shape of face)
One Duo Brush (Angled Cut / Spooley) - AMAZING
Brow Gel

With this starter kit, even the most inept person can create stunning brows. It's quite simple, really. You use the stencils as a map of sorts, showing you what stray hairs should be plucked, while also coloring in (with the brow powder) the over-plucked or hard-to-grow areas. After defining your brows with the powder, brush a bit of the gel on and you're good to go.

And remember, brow powder is a KEY ingredient in creating great brows... so make sure to choose the color best suited for YOUR brows. You can choose from 5 compacts (strawburn, ash blonde, golden blonde, brunette, medium ash), each housing two colors for mixing and shading.

Anastasia's brow line has several more exciting products that we feel the need to dedicate additional posts to (like the amazing highlighters, brow growth serum, brow pencils, and much, much more!)..

But we want to know.... What's most important to YOU when it comes to your brows:

**5 piece brow kit retails for: $65.00**


Anonymous said...

I loved this kit, but found one with the same products with tweezerman tweezers for only $38.00 and it's just as awesome. It's from Too Faced Cosmetics and comes with a huge mirror that doubles as a travel mirror. I found it at Nordstroms.

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