Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Summer Nail Color...

As we mentioned in a previous post, Summer nails are all about bold color... AND we've finally found our summer color!!!

We can't really take all the credit for this discovery... Thanks to our friend Anita Ko (of the fashionably fabulous jewelry line, Anita Ko), who donned the sexy hue on her very own nails and toes, we've now decided that summer nails are ALL about the purple!

Granted, hot pink is a summer staple but a great purple has been hard to come by. It has to be bold without being obnoxious, fun and flirty without being pastel. The perfect combination can be a bit tricky but Essie has finally mastered the violet!!!

Essie's Bermuda Shorts is like a jaunt to the beach... sexy, summery and super shiny! It's an ultra-violet burst of color - the right mix of pink and purple to create a gorgeous hue that goes great with a golden tan.

Now go paint those nails! Summer has finally arrived!

PRICE TAG: $8.00 for the bottle


Specialkalle said...

Hey Sarah, I've tagged you! Please visit: http://facecandy.blogspot.com/2008/06/tag-youre-it.html
for the rules.

jog said...

love that color!

i've got 2 questions for ms beauty banter!

1. i've started cleaning rooms in a resort town to make some cash this summer. not the most glamorous job...but hopefully tips will make up for that and help me fund next semester! anyhow...my hands are a MESS. can you recommend the best lotion or treatment you can think of? perhaps a high end rec and a low end rec?

2. i see a lot of pics of celebs with what appears to be white eyeshadow. how do they pull this off without looking crepey/cakey/gross? is there a method or a specific e/s you can recommend?


Beauty Banter said...

Dear Jog -
Re; hand creams, I love frilly lily, aquafor, elizabeth arden 8 hour, and innoxa (this is on the pricier side but is amazing!!!). If you search "hand cream" on my site, it will bring you to a page filled with many of my favorites, along with links that allow you to order them.

With regards to the white shadow, that is a GREAT topic of discussion.... and I'm thinking I'll do an entire post on how to wear white shadow and not look like a crazy creep... so, stay tuned for some tips!

Beauty Banter

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