Monday, June 23, 2008

Green Tea Smells Purrrty

Elizabeth Arden's newest Summer scent, Green Tea Lotus, is like an exotic trip through a Japanese garden. It's crisp, flavorful, and refreshingly sweet.

Following in the footsteps of its predescessor, the original Green Tea fragrance, Green Tea Lotus is inspired by the intoxicating scents of teas from China, Japan and India. Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux says, "I was influenced by the Lotus Blossom... overall, I wanted the fragrance to have a delicate freshness, a sensual warmth and a mouth-watering fruitiness."

Top Notes are: Ume plum, Cherry Blossom and Yuzu.
Middle notes are: Aglaia, Blossoming Lotus, Green Tea and Osmanthus.
Base Notes are: Musks and White Birch.

We previewed the Lotus and we're really digging the scent... it's super sweet and deliciously fruity (reminds us of of Clinique's Happy, yet an updated version...). If you're on the hunt for your new summer scent, and you love a little sweetness in your fragrance, this is definitely the perfume for you!

1.7 fl. oz. Retails for $27.00
3.3 fl. oz. Retails for $37.00

Currently available June 2008 by clicking HERE.


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