Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hide and Seek and WIN FREE MAC MAKEUP!!!

Okay, let's play a little game... somewhere on this blog is a caption in pretty pink text that reads:

Free MAC Makeup Kit?
Get Your Free MAC Makeup Kit. Hurry - Limit One Per Person.

If you click on this link and enter your email, you'll receive a FREE MAC MAKEUP KIT!!! It's THAT easy (and who doesn't love some MAC freebies?!?)!

So, search the site... and here's a HINT: it could very possibly be under the Beauty Banter banner. Another HINT: it may be UNDER a post. Yet another HINT: You may have to click the pink and white arrows (located under similar beauty offers) until you see the MAC promo spring onto the screen. And the final HINT: it'll be very, very close to these three words: Ads by Google...

Happy Hunting!


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