Wednesday, June 11, 2008


From Prescriptives Summer Collection comes an amazing lippy that is sure to pucker any pout!
Colorscope Lip Gloss in Stylish is the perfect mauve - lots of shine, zero sparkle - great for your Summer lips!

I've been wearing the color literally every day since I got it - it's perfect for day, adding a hint of color and shine to your lips - and great for night - just layer over your favorite lipstick or pencil (I first apply MAC's Sublime Culture Cremestick Liner all over my lips, then add Prescriptives gloss on top. The look: A burst of pink!).

I absolutely adore the consistency of this gloss - it's shiny without being gooey. And the wand is like a mini lip brush with bristles, so that you can really reach into the corners of your lips, coating everything with color!

A word (or several...) from the company:
"A sophisticated and modern lip gloss that glides onto lips for a sheer sheen finish. Shine polymers create a glossy finish to complement the lustrous color. The ultra-smooth, lightweight texture always leaves lips feeling buttery-soft, moist and soothed, never sticky or tacky."

Price Tag: $17.50 (comes in 8 shades)


jog said...

Hey Miss Beauty Banter,

I have been reading your blog for a while now and have commented a couple times. I'm not sure I've mentioned how great I think it is though....your blogs are really fun and give me a lot of ideas to try and items to add to my wishlists. You have a really positive vibe and I love it!

Ok now that I'm done praising your blogs...I'm wondering where you keep all this stuff! You should take a pic of your system :) Over at Makeup Ally (I'm sure you've heard of that right?) I love to see member's vanity tables or crazy rigged up organization do YOU store ALL these beauty products you review??

Thanks for all the interesting reading! -Jenna

Name : yuki said...

It is splendid blog. I am studied.
Please link to this site.

Beauty Banter said...

Jog -
thanks so much for your amazing comment! I store ALL of my products in bins under my bed.... and then the products I use on a daily (or weekly...) basis are scattered around my bathroom!
I will def consider taking a picture and posting it very soon... that is a great idea!
Beauty Banter

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