Thursday, August 07, 2008


People who follow the fragrance company closely know that CLEAN Summer is the latest installation in a long line of incredibly "clean" scents (CLEAN Shower Fresh, Fresh Laundry, Warm Cotton, Lather, etc).

CLEAN is inspired by fresh soaps and refreshing ingredients for that "just-out-of-the-shower" scent all day long....

And CLEAN Summer does not disappoint. It too has that incredible light, fresh summer scent. What is the scent of summer, you ask? Well, let's take a closer look at the notes: Italian Limoncello, Crisp Bergamont, Rose Ice, Mirabelle Plum and Lily of the Valley. And if that's not, the Eau Fraiche is also loaded with aloe vera and chamomile extracts to refresh, moisturize and soothe the skin. The outcome: a beautifully balanced, whimsical and airy floral fragrance (nothing too perfumey or overwhelming) that goes perfectly with a nice tan, the hot summer sun, and a cruise down PCH (or any Ocean highway)... convertible top down, wind blowing, hair tossled... you get the picture!

What is a Eau Fraiche? Unlike a Eau de Toilette or a Eau de Parfum, a Eau de Fraiche has less alcohol which means that it's better for your skin, less abrasive. It also means that the fragrance doesn't last as long. But that's fine by me - especially in summer. A light mist of an intoxicating scent is way better then being inundated with the smell. Although the Eau de Fraiche may not last as long as a Eau de Toilette of a Eau de Parfum, it still leaves a wonderful floral scent that lingers on the skin all day long.

And if you really want to add more fragrance to the mix (although I'm perfectly content with the light and uncomplicated scent the Eau Fraiche offers), try layering with the matching CLEAN Summer Lotion. With notes like grape seed and avocado oils, peppermint and wintergreen leaf extracts (both make the skin tingle every so slightly - check out our post on the benefits of peppermint in lotion HERE), the light-weight, non-greasy lotion refreshes, soothes and offers a stronger dose of fragrance!

Summer in a bottle! We're loving it...

PRICE TAG: $44.95 for the Summer set - Eau Fraiche (2.14 oz) and Lotion (2 oz) - now that's a deal! Click HERE to purchase.


Jana said...

I love their scents! Laundry is my favorite.

But I will be trying summer asap.



Beauty Banter said...

I think you will be very pleased with this scent too. And it has very little alcohol so it's actually not THAT bad for your skin!

Beauty Banter

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