Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dry Skin Goodies

My friend Kaycee Flinn has seriously dry skin (she actually used to slab Eucerin all over her face!). So, when I came upon a couple of dry skin product samples, I knew that Kaycee would be the perfect guinea pig. (That's her on the left, and yes, she knows she looks like Kate Hudson - but hotter!)

Armed with some products and a night of home spa treatments, Kaycee dishes on the good and not-so-good dry skin face goodies!


"This is a product I would definitely recommend. I have dry, sensitive skin that needs a lot of hydration and constant care. This gel based mask is perfect for me! It has a very subtle tingle on my skin without the feeling of it being irritated. The masque stays on your skin as it was applied, meaning it doesn't dry up and get all crusty, which can be a bit annoying and restricting. I followed a tip that was suggested to put it in the fridge and apply the masque as a cooling treatment. This made it even better during the hot summer day."


"This is exactly how I like my exfoliator: rough - right to where you feel it actually getting down to the nitty, gritty grime and dirt in those pores. The texture is amazing, hard and grainy - and it doesn't change when oyu add water. And when you rinse it off, you can actually see the difference in your skin. It feels and looks super clean, glowing and healthy!"


"This is a very simple cream that gives a nice glow. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with oily skin because it does have a greasy feel (even on my dry skin, it didn't fully absorb). And if you are not a fan of the smell of sunscreen in your moisturizer than I also wouldn't suggest this. Other than that, it's bearable but there are definitely better products that moisturize and protect without the pasty sunscreen feel and smell."


tia said...

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Sidewalk Model said...

Thanks for the post. I would add one more item to the list. Have you ever heard of or used Norwegian Formula Age Shield hand Cream by Neutrogena? It is especially formulated for Protecting your hands. I found a online coupon for a 2oz. tube of Cream. If you want to keep your hands looking younger and moisturized it works pretty well. It helps to protect your skin from UVA rays that can cause premature signs of aging and sun spots. You can print the coupon at: Cheers.

Kaycee said...

yes!! i would love a sample! im always interested in new products for my dry skin. thank you!

stephhutchins said...

Itchy, dry skin is more than irritating. It is annoying. It can also make you nervous while at the same time make your skin red and scaly looking. But what can you do to treat and prevent this very aggravating and common condition from occurring and reoccurring?

If you think it is because of your environmental conditions, you may want to consider adding a humidifier to your surroundings, if it is possible. But if you think your dry skin is not that serious, as of yet and is still treatable by you, there are a number of at home remedies that you can try.

1. Moisturize your skin Look for products that are made for dry, yet sensitive skin. Use moisturizing products all year long. Remember they may even help prevent wrinkles. A great option is Shea Butter which is loaded with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients to deeply moisturize the skin. Just place some in your hands first and allow it to warm. Then it can spread quicker. You can apply this at night and wake up with softer, more moisturized skin by morning.

2. Drinking more water If your body isn't getting enough water inside of it, your skin will become dry. Then it will not matter how much lotions and potions you apply to it, it will remain that way. You know they say you should drink from 6 to 8 eight ounce glasses a day. Strive for as close to this as you can.

3. Is your skin extremely dry? Try this messy method. Take a warm bath. Then after partially drying off, apply thick liberal layers of Shea Butter all over your skin. Now promptly put on your pajamas and go to bed. You will wake up with really soft, supple glowing skin with a velvety texture.

Remember dry skin makes us appear dull and can cause us to age quicker. Do what you can to keep that skin soft and moisturized.

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