Friday, September 19, 2008

5 Favorite Drugstore Scrubbies For Under 10 Bucks

I'm starting a new section of this blog - DRUGSTORE FINDS! With the economy in a rut and money a tad tight, I thought it would be great to uncover and expose some less-expensive, but just as fabulous, drugstore lemmings...

Anyone who is an avid reader of this blog knows how much I love a great body scrub! I've decided to compile a list (ever-changing, of course) of my 5 favorite drugstore scrubs for 10 dollars or under (and trust me, even in this trying economy, it's pretty hard to find a scrub - let alone a gallon of gas - for under 10 bucks!)...

Here it goes (in no particular order of favoriteness):

Neutrogena Energizing Sugar Body Scrub
- Sugar exfoliates dry, dull, flakey skin while botanical oils leave skin soft and smooth (don't be freaked if you're left with a "shiny residue. " It's just oils still needing to absorb) . The consistancy is like cake batter, rich yet still maluable (with sugar everywhere!). This is a legit scrub that gets down and dirty ridding the body of all unecessary, dead skin (perfect pre-date - leaves skin begging to be touched!). The intoxifying citrus scent - like an orange married to a lemon - wakes up your mind and body. This product gives good scrub (and looks rather sexxxy perched atop your tub)! $9.98

de~luxe Foaming Body Scrub - (click HERE for the full rave) 17 oz of pure scrubbing bliss - and it foams (we love us some good foaming action)! This is the perfect shower exfoliator as it comes with a flip top which makes for easy standing-up application (no gnarly screw-off tops). Apricot seeds give your skin the exfoliation while aloe vera soothes and glycerin cleans. I live for the Vanilla Citrus and Rosemary Mint scents but it also comes in Verbena (which I have yet to try). The best part (besides the natural ingredients) is the price - only $5.99!

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Body Wash - Like all Dove products, this exfoliating body wash is ultra creamy and incredibly moisturizing. It's a gentle scrub, great for all the girlies with sensitive skin, and for everyone else looking for a mild exfoliator for everday use. Ultra-fine exfoliants get rid of the dull skin while the creamy base moisturizes for a smooth, all-day hydration. It smells clean and fresh, lathers like an actual body wash, and it's perfect for the shower thanks to the efficient flip-top action it's got going on! We love the way our skin glows after using it but even better is the price - a mere $4.75!

Boots Mediterranean Body Scrub Almond, Pistachio & Olive - (click HERE for the complete rave) A gigantic 13.5 oz tub of Britain's favorite bath and body line... Walnut shells and apricot seeds exfoliate dead skin while organic sweet almond oil, organic olive oil and pistachio oil leave skin feeling soft, nourished and moisturized. The sweet almond aroma is simply delicious yet not overbearing or fragrantly sweet. It has a jello-like consistency and the exfoliating granules are mixed into a cream base (so it is ultra moisturizing). $9.99

Olay Body Thermal Pedicure - a self-heating foot scrub that relaxes and soothes after a hard day (it heats on contact - so cool). Also gets down and dirty on those nasty callouses and exfoliates with Bora Bora white sand, pumice, and micro-crystals. It left our feet feeling soft, smooth and thoroughly refreshed! No more Hammer-time feetsies here! $9.99

Have a favorite scrub for under 10 dollars? Let us know!


Stephanie said...

I love the sugar body scrub from Trader Joe's! It smells yummy and costs $5 or $6.

Beauty Banter said...

Stephanie -

I love Trader Joe's! Everything is SO well priced!
Thanks for that tip... I'll have to try it out asap.


Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

this is something that i've only done once before, but seemed pretty effective and was extremely inexpensive. i had a jar of cheapish body butter (you know the kind - you get it at the drugstore (or the 99 cent store, in my case) out of curiosity, and then you curse the moment that you decided to buy it) that i hardly ever used but didn't want to put to waste. so, i poured in several raw sugar packets (had some lying around from various starbuck's visits) and voila! instant body scrub!

Beauty Banter said...

Anonymous -

That is actually a very creative at-home recipe! How did it work???


Anonymous said...

re: at-home recipe. not bad, actually. i would recommend it to anyone who wants to save a few bucks by going the diy route or to those of us who want to get rid of a jar of cream/moisturizer but can't find it in our hearts to just throw it out.

Jean said...

I love Softsoap Spa Radiant with Mineral Sea Salts. It is a body scrub/shower gel. I use it for exfoliation and then use another Softsoap for shaving my legs. Their products are great!

Anonymous said...


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Lizzy said...

I love Trader Joe's! Everything is SO well priced! Thanks for that tip... I'll have to try it out asap.

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p90x said...

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