Thursday, September 18, 2008


Anastasia's newest product in her product-packed brow line is the Brow-Duality Pencil - matte highlighter on one side, shimmer highlighter on the other. I've gotta say, it's pretty genius.

I'm never quite sure if I should line my brow bone with a matte or shimmer color to accentuate the eyes. I know that shimmers make the eyes pop but matte gives you that nice, high arch. Well, now I can do both!!! I first use the matte (to create a soft highlight), then layer the shimmer (to give a soft glow). So, I get the arch with the popping eyes!
**Beauty Trick** In between waxes or tweezing (or while growing out those unruly brows) the matte highlighter will actually cover stray hairs! Like a cover-up made especially for the brow bone (and hairs).

Brow-Duality comes in 2 color combinations - The lighter duo combines Camille as the matte color and Sand as the shimmer. The darker duo has Shell for the matte color and Lace as the shimmer. I will not play favorites; I love them both equally. The way a mother loves all of her children exactly the same (or at least that's what my mom always said about my sisters and me)!

Some HIGHLIGHTS: The duos are enriched with vitamin E, have a unique velvety texture that won't crease or fade, and use light diffusing pigments to even out fine lines!

Who knew that there was so much work involved in maintaining beautiful brows??? Apparently, Anastasia did! That's why her product line is loaded with the best, most effective brow grooming products and appliances! Click HERE for an entire run-down.

And click HERE for some **exclusive** brow tips from the queen of arches herself - Anastasia!

Brow-Duality launches at Sephora on October 23 and retails for $23.00.


jana love said...

Anastasia makes rad products. I love her stencils. Have you tried them? They make filling in brows so easy!

peace and love,

jana love

Beauty Banter said...

Jana Love -
Yes! I have tried the stencils and they are really effective for coloring in the brows. My friend, hair-crazed Jenny, is OBSESSED with them.

The brow-duality is a fab product - if you are a fan of Anastasias other products, you will love the convenience of this duo!

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

So i went out and bought this item and have yet to use it. I am now "gasping" because i can't find it in my Sephora bag! I will get back to you when i find and use it.
Thank you for recommending it!


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