Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Beautiful For A Cause...

I just returned from a fabulous event honoring the 60th anniversary of the Emmy's AND Breast Cancer Awareness (October is the official month of Breast Cancer Awareness).

The event was hosted by The Silver Spoon and it paid homage to the people who suffer from breast cancer. All of the companies involved were helping to increase awareness and find a cure (you know how we love a company that gives back)! With that in mind, products being gifted were "pink" themed (the official color of Breast Cancer Awareness).

The event was all about health and beauty! The companies included Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, M.B. York, The Face Shop, New Balance, The Andy Lecompte Salon (where I visited with my new colorist, George... getting the roots beautified tomorrow and, of course, I will have before and after pics.... AHHHHH) and Yakult Cultured Drink (tastes like Pink Berry in a bottle!), among others.

I decided to take some pics and do some deeper exploration on the phenomenal products.

First up was Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Their claim to fame: a Mineral Rice Setting Powder meant to absorb oil, mattify shine and cover pores. I was given a trial and I LOVED IT! It made my skin so soft and it really sucked up all the excess oil. The products are extremely gentle, great for sensitive skin like mine (and they can even be used post peel or facial - and I JUST had a peel so I was ecstatic to be using a healthy powder on my red and irritated mug). It's a full color line and I hope to test out more of the products asap - so check back!

Next was M.B. York. Their tag line is "survival of the prettiest" - I just love the vanity! Founder Mary Beth York demonstrated how easy her line is to use. The shadows and colors come in pre-numbered kits that correspond with the appropriate brushes. This line is idiot-proof! But their claim to fame is a 3 step kit aptly called the Beauty Ammo Kit, used to camouflage wrinkles and under-eye bags and dark circles (Hollywood A-listers are obsessed with the kit - it's said to take years off of any woman... DIE!). We took home a kit and can't wait to test it out - check back for our review!

Next, it was over to The Face Shop for some exquisite masks like aloe vera, lemon and pomegranate. The masks come individually wrapped and are actually sheets of a gauze-like material pre-soaked in the natural fruit juices! The Korean-based company just launched their mask line in the US of A. I've never tried such a mask so I'm interested to see its outcome! But hey, Koreans have good skin... don't they?

New Balance was our next stop and they gifted us with a wonderful baby pink workout suit, embossed with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. We also scored some fabulous pink and silver sneakers (I guess this means we should probably start working out...).

Yakult Cultured Drink was next up and this is such an amazing product, I'm literally floored. It's a Probiotic cultured dairy drink that is meant to infuse your body with good bacterias for a healthy lifestyle. It tastes delicious and just one tiny bottle a day does the trick. A pack of five sells for a mesely $2.99!!! There is no excuse - a healthy inside equals a healthy outside! Drink up, girlies!

Over at the spa, generously donated by YSharis Spa of Monrovia, massages were underway. Although we didn't stick around for a relaxing rub down, we did pick up a special-edition OPI Nail Polish in Pink of Hearts. Emblazoned with the pink Breast Cancer ribbon, the polish is a gorgeous hue of barely-there pink - very au natural!

Finally, we ventured to the hula-hoop section (yes, those things you used to shake around your waste in junior high school). Hoop Delite is not only a new and improved form of the hula-hoop, it also folds to half its size for easy storage!!! A great mid-section work out (and come on, who can't stand to shed a few pounds in the love handle arena?) and convenient storage? Say it ain't so! Again, no excuses for a healthy lifestyle! They also offer special hoop classes and hoop work-out dvds (like pilates or yoga, only more fun!). Click HERE for additional info. and a look at the video!

Thanks to all of the aforementioned companies for their part in helping to find a cure, and thank to The Silver Spoon for putting together such a special soiree... now it's YOUR turn! Throughout the months of September and October we will be featuring other incredible companies that are aiding in the fight against breast cancer.

Giving back makes you feel beautiful - and when you feel beautiful, chances are you're looking beautiful, too!

For more information on breast cancer, or to give yourself a personal breast exam, click HERE.


Nichole said...

OMG I can't believe they had the face shop! we just started selling that where I work and its become a hit! I've heard the aloe mask is pretty good. The lemon is the popular one at my store.


Jackie said...

That yogurt drink sounds great. How can I buy it?

thank you,


Hazel said...

wow! everything looks great! and for yakult, i've been drinking it ever since i was little! i love it!

Sue said...

I live in Monrovia and have been to the YSharis spa - seriously you shouldve gotten a manicure (if they were giving them) they are fantastic!

cant wait to try the face mask things.. anyone know when and where we can get them?

jana love said...

OMG so fun! But I want to see your new hair color!!! When is the debut?

P.S. this is the best blog I've seen for beauty. Good job!

peace and love,

Jana Love

Beauty Banter said...

Jackie -
you can buy the yogurt drink at the supermarket - they just launched in the US. Or try this link:

Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter said...

Hazel -
I'm so obsessed with the drink it's not normal. And to think it's SO cheap and great for your health!!!

Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter said...

Sue -
I am sad to report that I didn't receive any treatments from the spa, but I would have loved a great mani!!! What makes theirs so amazing?

As for the face masks, I still haven't tried mine but am DYING to!!! I'll report back on the results soon.

To buy the mask, try this link:

they're on the website and available at Wallmart!

Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter said...

Nichole -

Thanks for your comment - I will try the lemon mask first!

Where do you work? Love that you're involved in the beauty way of life!!!

Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter said...

Jana Love -

I will be getting my highlights "did" on wednesday afternoon and I promise pics!!!

I'm a little nervous as I always get a tad frightened when I have my hair cut or colored.

But George is awesome and I'm sure he'll make my mane look fab!

Beauty Banter

sue said...

hmm why are ysharis so good - i guess cos they're not as crowded and rushed as other places ive been to, its like a really calm serene chilled out boutique - yeah thats the word.. and their massage chairs.. omg amazing, they use these gorgeous copper basins oh and they offer you a drink (lemonade, water, cucumber lemon water, ice tea etc).. dunno - just really enjoyed being in there.. you gotta try it - let me know what u think when you go ;)

Sue said...

oh and am off to walgreens tomorrow to get the face stuff, checked on their website looks like they have most of the different types in, and at $2.50 a steal.. per Nicole definately getting the Lemon, though reading on the faceshop site may just end up buying them all :)

Beauty Banter said...

Sue -

Let me know how you like the face masks, pleaseeee (and which ones your try)!!! Price is seriously a steal!

Beauty Banter

etirv said...

Yakult is my daughter's favorite when we visit Manila!

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