Thursday, September 18, 2008


I mentioned this product in passing during a recent post, but I don't think I gave it enough emphasis.

Senna's Total Transforming Concealer is a miracle cover-up! It's light yet provides full coverage, although it's never cakey or splotchy. It works wonders for the under eyes thanks to the botanical daisy extract that reduces puffiness and the crease-proof formula that sits above the lines and wrinkles, not in them. It's also brilliant for blemishes as it totally reduces the redness and covers them completely. I have it with me at all times for a quick pick-me-up cover up!

The cute, tiny vile is so convenient for on-the-go travel. It's paired with a wand so you can cover with the aid of the sponge or dab the concealer on your index finger and then pat into your skin (**never rub** - that just spreads bacteria and creates more wrinkles!).

The concealer comes in 7 shades, ranging from Cool Light for fair skins to Dark for deeper complexions. I use the Neutral Medium for medium olive skin tones (and it's pretty damn spot on... no pun intended!).

This concealer is SO awesome that I can safely say it will become your new fave!

PRICE TAG: $22.00 for .024 oz


gisele said...

where do I get it?

Kaycee said...

It's good to know to pat make up on the face and not rub it in. I always touch and rub my face. Lately thanks to Beauty Banter, I've become aware about wrinkle prevention, products, and my skin type!!!!

Beauty Banter said...

hey gisele -

here's the link to buy the fab concealer:

let me know how you likey!

Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter said...

Kaycee -

You are a newly devirginized beauty whore! Congrats!!!

And you are a GREAT student of beauty. Keep up the good work (and keep your hands AWAY from your face!!!).

Beauty Banter

Kaycee said...

hahahah devirginized beauty whore!!! now im obsessed with it all.... here's to a new me!! take care of our skin!!

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