Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bliss Newest Fall Scent

We mentioned Philosophy's newest Fall scent - sweet Caramel Apple (click HERE for recap), and now we've discovered Bliss' new Fall scent in the beauty of a scrub:

Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper!

At times sweet (like that of an orange - or to us, a grapefruit), and yet within the very next whiff, somehow spicy (thanks to the white pepper), Bliss' newest scent is both vibrant and relaxing: it was inspired by a cocktail the Bliss scent specialist sipped! The scent was chosen as the winning fragrance in the Bliss 2008 ‘eau’-lection - by Bliss customers (40,000 in total).

The sugar scrub is gentle enough for everyday use, but special enough for a calming soak in the tub. It foams (yay - that's our favorite part) while tiny sugar granules offer a deeper cleanse - exfoliating dry, dead skin. It's a two-for-one, really - a wash and polish in one massive jug! The consistency is that of battered cake mix - thick and soft!

Why is this a great Fall scrub, you ask? Well, it's not tropical like many of the summer scents, but it's not musky like too many winter fragrances, either. It's the perfect combination of summer and winter - it's Fall in a jar!

The Blood Orange + White Pepper also comes in a bath and shower gel, a body butter (our next must-try) and a foot scrub!

Sugar Scrub PRICE TAG: $36.00 for 11.6 oz.


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