Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Philosphy's Newest Body Scent...

From the company that has brought you mouth-watering scents like Red Velvet Cake, Belgian Waffles and Spiced-Apple Cider, Philosophy debuts it's newest scented wash, Caramel Apple. Just in time for Halloween too (bobbing for apples? see the resemblance?).

Philosophy's Caramel Apple Wash is the perfect three-way (not, THAT kind of three-way, dirty minds) - it's a Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath all in one 16 oz bottle! Just like every other fabulous Philosophy Wash, the Caramel Apple is a high-foaming gel with a very distinct, heavenly scent.

The color is burned candy apple red and the smell is so infectious, so sweet, so delicious, it's like I'm actually biting into the damn apple apple. Mind you, this isn't your ordinary granny apple scent - this is thick and rich with a vivid burst of caramel goodness (interestingly, it's warmer and sweeter than the more spicy and crisp apple cider scented wash).

This limited-edition Fall body scent creates quite a pang of hunger... thankfully, it's a calorie-free indulgence! Allow me to create the scene: a hot bath, you, all lathered in the warmth of a creamy caramel apple. And then HE walks in, unbottons his black trousers... and SCENE!

PRICE TAG: $16.00 for 16 oz

**The caramel apple scent is also available in a limited-edition lip shine. Again, it's calorie free! (okay, lame joke.)


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