Thursday, October 09, 2008

Actress Shiri Appleby Gets a Make-Under For Her New Role On E.R.

One of my besties, the talented and gorgeous Shiri Appleby is debuting tonight as Dr. Daria Wade, one of the new interns, on television's hottest doctor show, E.R.
We asked Shiri for an **exclusive** Beauty Banter look into the beauty products that go behind these brains...

(Shiri is Dr. Daria Wade)

Shiri's on-set makeup artist, Kimberly Fiallo, gave us a step-by-step on how they achieved this au-natural look:

"For a soft dewy complexion, I use Chanel Vitalumiere in Cendre Shell. The foundation is fantastic for her skin. Just enough coverage but not too much.

For beautiful, glowy cheeks I use Stila Cream Blusher in Penny - Shiri's favorite!!!

Lips are Stila Lip Glaze. Very sexy. No need for liner.

Eyes are smokey. I use a pro-palette in viseart (ombre pouder) and use the light and dark greys on outer edges and bottom to give the eye that sexy, sultry look.

As an undereye concealer, I love the YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. It really makes Shiri's eyes pop and wakes them up.

But real beauty comes from within and she is a true beauty inside and out. What a fantastic soul!!!"

We couldn't agree more...

Shiri told us that her hair is "just natural, parted on the side. No brush, no blow dryer. And I wear seeing glasses on the show to complete the look. But the good stuff comes up soon enough!!!"

We smell a transformation in the works... from made-under to made-over???

(Shiri and other cast mates posing on-set)

*To watch Shiri tonight on the new (and last) season of E.R., tune into NBC at 10 pm Eastern!*


Michelle said...

OMG! One of your besties is Shiri Appleby!! AHH i cant tell you enough HOW MUCH I LOOOOOVVED her in Rosewell! AHHH I even bought the three season pack! Tell her I say Hi! =P

Anonymous said...

I heart that young lady, she is all kinds of awesome and so gorgeous. She was great on ER last night, tell her its good seeing her on TV again.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous woman!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this. She is such a beauty either way, she is a good actress and I hope people finally begin to realize this.

Syen said...

Wowiee!!! Pls pls tell Shiri I looooved her in Roswell! =D

She's gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I love shiri!!! I bought all 3 seasons of roswell as soon as they came out and can't wait to see more of her on er. I even watched six degrees bc of her even though daddy complex storylines gross me out (but it was still a good show, too bad it got cancelled so quickly).

Anonymous said...

Shiri is the hottest (All Natural), most talented, hard working under rated Actress in Hollywood.

Martin Pekkarinen said...

Holy cow!!! She's sooooo beautiful as Dr Daria! I wish she would've stayed the whole season!

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