Friday, October 10, 2008


As the cold weather rages on (well, except for Los Angeles where we are experiencing a MAJOR heat wave - temps are up to about 95 degrees!), your lips are becoming ever more chapped, cracked and brittle.

What you need is a lip balm that replenishes the moisture back into your sensitive pout. Organic skin and body care company, Weleda, offers Everon Lip Balm for such dire lip blunders. This wonder rescue balm is made of all healthy and natural ingredients: Carnauba Wax to protect; Organic Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to moisturize; and Rose Extract to regenerate (it also adds a natural and sweet fragrance (thanks to an additional pinch of Vanilla)to the balm).

Lip balms are known to moisturize for, say, an hour - two tops, but then you are constantly reapplying. People actually say that Carmex has an ingredient that makes lips more dry, thus the need to reapply so many times. Not with Weleda - the ingredients are nature's moisturizers and hydrators. And the balm protects your pout all day long.

This is the real deal - a lip balm that does what it sets out to do - protects and hydrates the lips - and without ANY harsh or synthetic ingredients... all natural! It doesn't leave a tint of color or a hint of gloss - it's just pure moisture. Lips are left looking and feeling soft and smooth. I use it every night before bed and every morning after brushing my teeth - if I want to add color or a gloss, I apply directly over the Weleda. This makes the additonal lippies look even brighter and smoother (because Weleda is putting the brakes on all the cracks and flakes)!

This is a must-have winter lip balm! After all, you do want kissable lips, don't you?!?

PRICE TAG: $5.00


jkim said...

hmm. this reminds me of dr. hauschka's lip care stick (which i LOVE), except less expensive. thanks for the review!

and, yes, i have to agree - some of those other lip balms do dry out your lips! from what i understand, some of them have alcohol (gasp!), which completely dries things out. and the ones with menthol or anything that leaves your lips tingly (carmex, natural ice, softlips, etc.) can irritate your lips and make them look worse once the balm wears off.

Beauty Banter said...

Jkim -

This is AMAZING - the package actually reminds me of Lobella. The formula is so hydrating, leaving lips SO soft and it is pretty fairly priced!!!!

Let me know if you like it!

Beauty Banter

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