Friday, November 21, 2008

Beauty From Around The World

Did anyone watch yesterday's Oprah? It was an interesting look into what other cultures deem to be beautiful.

Here are some highlights:

JAPAN: They are obsessed with pencil straight hair (no surprise here as the straightening technique used in many salons in the states is called the "Japanese Straightener"). They drink collagen and eat collagen infused foods as a way to promote healthy, poreless, youthful skin (we inject collagen into our faces for the same effect). They have a facial made from bird feces that is meant to keep skin youthful and radiant (Ummm...).

INDIA: They have a religious practice where the woman shave their heads and sacrifice this hair to God (this is considered spiritual and beautiful). In reality, the hair is shipped off to the states where we use it as very expensive hair extensions! The women of India are also known for their at-home beauty secrets... like mixing turmeric, lemon and honey for a glowing complexion!

BRAZIL: Plastic surgery is not only accepted, it is a way of life. You can actually pay for the surgery in installments - like layaway!

IRAN: The nose-job capital of the world. Iranian woman consider a nose job to be a status symbol, actually roaming the streets with post-op bandages.

MAURITANIA: Big bodies (and booties) are in! Thick ankles and plump arms are not only considered sexy, they are extremely desirable - stretch marks and all!

I guess what they say is true... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

P.S. I was just in El Salvador last weekend for a wedding, and I received a blow out and curls for $12.00!!! AND it actually looked great.

No frizz or flyaways!

Has anyone had their hair tended to for less than $12.00!!! Let us know!


Anonymous said...

I get my haircut at the Hair Cuttery for $13, it includes a wash. Its just as good as $100 trim.

kkbonGo is a Keeper said...

I go to the local beauty school and get simple things done. A haircut is just $8 styles are $5

Those facts were really interesting, I can't believe they let those women believe there hair is for God, but it really goes to hair extensions.

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