Friday, November 21, 2008

Summer Tan In A Winter Wonderland

Here's a recommendation from my friend, Omi Rajpal... now pay attention, because Bostonians know what it means to look hot in the freezing cold!

"Okay you little LA bitches, west coast life may be hard to contend with, but it is time to bring you all a voice from beyond---Although it may seem foreign at first, no worries, style does live outside of the Hills. So, let me invite you to jet set to the city I call home, Boston. Beauty travels beyond borders and who can call themselves a true fashionista without extensive knowledge of all cosmopolitan cultures?

And Boston is not so far-flung from the life of SH, your resident beauty whore, who not so many moons ago, graced the pavement of the city in the ultimate fashion displays of collegiate life. Divas are hard to come by but SH and I had some stylish misadventures that will remain confidential—at least for now!

There are so many gems in this city for us fellow socialites and I hope in the future to unlock the doors to my faves, but this time around I want to introduce you all to a product that is at the top of my winter list and a MUST have as this dreadful season approaches. Cold, bitter, and grey the city is not conducive to glamour after September. In addition, along with this misery, we have to deal with our summer tans fading, as we eagerly await our island getaways in January. Not to fret, the perfect antidote does exist, and fortunately does not require a trip to the, dare I even say, tanning salon…

I think the days of orange skin, and Lindsay Lohen, are long gone and anyone with even a hint of je ne sais qua avoids the not so-chic bake ovens. Enter, L’Oreal Sublime Bronzer. I have tried my range of self-tanners, leaving my bathroom in desperate need of a Clorox overload, but this drugstore find is fantastic. I did go through a period of believing any self-tanner worth gracing my body had to cost more than $75 and live outside of a drugstore shelf, but I was proven wrong.

L’Oreal Sublime is the prefect bronzer, with a hint of moisturizer, and Vitamin E for smooth skin. The lotion itself is void of any typical nasty tanner smell and doesn’t leave your palms, or sink!, the color of pumpkin pie.

Even better, the product has a “face” bronzer as well as body; in other words, you don’t break out the day after you use it. The pump dispenser makes it easy to apply and the plastic cover keeps it mess free and perfect for transport.

Although I have a natural olive complexion, I too start to turn a strange shade of, well, just bland after the summer months. The medium shade is perfect for me, and doesn’t leave me looking overcooked or like a victim of Wal-Mart. Rather; it leaves you with a natural glowing tan, that lasts 2-3 days, and makes you forget that three more months remain before sunshine returns. For under $10 this is the ultimate drugstore find!

Check out SH’s write-up on Loreal’s Sublime Glow, a great body moisturizer with gradual color build (click here to read the review) for another perfect pairing.

Au revoir my fellow beauty lovers and sun on!"

PRICE TAG: $9.99


Best Tanning Lotion said...

look really cool...definitely must try it now while im very pale... but in the summer i always recommend using Booty Butter tanning lotion.. it gets my skin to that caramel hue that looks great and healthy in the summer

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