Monday, November 17, 2008

I Just Got Nailed! PLUS Fall Polish Trend

Lena's Nail Shop is a true hidden gem. How did I find it, you ask? My dear friend Sarah Jane Wilde swears by the place - and SJ is super glam (she wears fur... in L.A.!). I figured, if it's good enough for SJ's claws, it's definitely good enough for mine!

Tucked below Third Street and Fairfax, the sleek shop is unlike any other inexpensive mani/ pedi destination. It's simple and elegant and impeccably clean with 6 stark white stations and one massage/ spa chair. The walls are adorned with funky framed photographs and the ceiling boasts gorgeous ornate chandeliers. It's more chic than shlep. In fact, it's pretty spectacular. You won't find loud music or a blasting television or erroneous chatter in this place. And to think a mani/ pedi combo is only $22.00!

Perched on my throne (massage chair), I felt like a princess in a Parisian boudoir... everything was so elegant (especially the hand massage - I think I may have dozed off!). The shop's founder, Lynn, tended to my fingers. Attention to detail is Lynn's specialty - there wasn't a rough nail or a missed cuticle. And the color (black) lasted over a week! Lynn gives credit to Seche Vite - a super shiny, fast drying top coat!

Lynn is an expert manicurist - she's been pampering celebrity nails for 17 years. So naturally, I asked about the most sought after Fall polish colors...

The trend:

The colors:
Essie Material Girl
Essie Downtown Brown
OPI Suzi Says Da!

Would YOU rock a brown nail???

**Lena's Nail Shop is located at 359 South Fairfax in Los Angeles. 323-782-1098; $22.00 for a mani and pedi**


Gina said...

that's so funny! I just saw a friend with brown polish and I loved it so I got it too! It's a great choice for winter, not as dark as black and not as colorful as red.


jog said...

that's a great idea! i never liked the black...brown sounds much more sophisticated ;)

but fur isn't's sad!

Beauty Maintenance said...

Seche Vite is AWESOME, I've used it for years and never looked back. I would totally rock brown polish, I have every year as far back as I can remember but usually during the Summer because it seems more Summery to me than my usual red or dark purple/blue/black. Essie has some great rich chocolate brown colors.
That salon looks awesome adn $22 for mani/pedi is unheard of :). Great deal!

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

Zoya Kalista is also a super hot brown this season. Wow $22 mani/pedi combo - super cheap!!

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