Friday, November 14, 2008


dear beauty banter-

my hair is dull dry and damaged. i have tried every deep conditioner, hot oil treatment under the sun. even my cut didn't really do the trick. i need something more drastic. what can i do? do u know salon treatments that actually work? or over the counter products? coconut oil? vitamins? i'll do whatever you tell me as long as i can afford it.
i need help!


When it comes to hair, I turn to Jen Atkin of Andy Lecompte Salon -- not only is she a hair maven, she's also cutter to the stars (and yours truly!)

Here's what Jen had to say:

Brazilian blowout. It adds shine to the hair. Andre or Maurice at the Argyle Hotel in West Hollywood are the best. Also Morrocan oil is great... you can get it at any major beauty supply store.

For hair growth, Phytologie Phytophanere Hair and Nail Vitamins. These will help a lot!

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rita said...

coconut oil is the best. It saved my hair actually. It is proven that coconut oil can really penetrate the hair because the structure is similar or something like that, it has a scientific explanation. Try it :)
kisses from portugal

Fiona said...

As soon as I started reading this I was going to comment and say moroccan oil is the holy grail for dry and damaged hair! i swear by this stuff and use it every single day. my bottle was $40 but I've had it for a few months now and there is barely a dent in it because so little is required to use. it is amazing!

Diana said...

thank you for answering my question! i'll try the brazilian blowout.. not cheap, but seems worth it! i wonder how long it lasts?

fiona- for the moroccan oil.. do you use it as a treatment that you wash out.. or as a styling product? everyday?

rita- i've tried coconut oil.. but it got a little oily, i think i might have put too much. can you tell me what your routine is? do you use it every day.. once a week?

fiona said...

I use the moroccan oil everyday before I blowdry my hair, I put a dab in the palm of each hand and massage it through the bottom half of my hair and then blow dry like normal. It cuts your drying time in half and helps repair your hair to make it extremely smooth and soft. i have never used anything like it!

rita said...

Every saturday night I put some coconut oil from the middle of my hair to the ends... sleep in it, and usually spend all sunday at home with it.. and at night I wash it, and make sure I leave my scalp super clean without any residue of coconut oil! you can also blowdry your hair a little before you wash it, with the heat the coconut oil penetrates in your hair. sorry for my english :P

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