Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank Goody For Goody!

Remember elastic hair bands? It's 7:30 am, you're about to trudge to school and your mom calls out - "wait, your hair!" And then it's the tugging at the tresses until a ponytail is achieved. The hair band - the one used to keep the ponytail high and tight - always ended up creating breakage on your luscious locks (not to mention the pain that accumulates from having your hair so tightly pulled back).

Ahhh, the memories of childhood!

Well, Goody has launched an incredible new line of "ouchless" hair accessories. Sure, it's not the 80's anymore - long gone are the days of hair-pulling elastics. But now you can also add clips and head bands to your "ouchless" collection!

I am OBSESSED with the head band. The part that tucks behind the ears - that usually leaves me with a ghastly headache - is new and improved. It's a malleable rubber that conforms to the shape of your ear.... they call it "flex tips". Semantics, really, because it's pure genius! Bye-bye headache!

And the claw clips are amazing. They don't grab and pull at the hair like most of them tend to do. Instead, they rest gently on the hair. No more breakage when you take them out. Feeling a little "ugh" - not in the mood to deal? Pull your hair back into a messy bun and clip it together - quick, easy and painless. I use my clip every day (even if it's just while I wash my face).

Here's the best part -- they retail for less than $4.00!!! And in this economic climate, we need all the deals we can get!

Ouchless Medium Claw Clips ($3.99 for 2)
Ouchless Medium Headband w/ Flex Tips ($3.99)

Available at drugstores!


Emily from Goody said...

Hi my name is Emily and I am a Brand Manager for Goody. Thanks for your comments. I am so happy you are enjoying our new Ouchless accessories.

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